Tim Bowness has tapped King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelloto and long-time collaborator Michael Bearpark for The Warm Up Man Forever, lead track from upcoming solo album Abandoned Dancehall Dreams.

The song began life as a No-Man piece before Bowness decided to take it in another direction. He explains: "It contains aspects of the music that inspired me when I first started playing in bands. Although I hope I did something fresh and different with the source inspirations, I had things like Peter Gabriel’s 3, Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love, The Icicle Works and The Michael Nyman Band in mind when I was writing.

"Knowing he could give me the power I was looking for, I asked Pat Mastelotto to play on the song. Andrew Keeling to provide a string arrangement that worked in sync with Pat's drums. Pete Morgan energetically replaced my original bass, and Mike Bearpark added a great guitar solo, acting on the suggestion: 'Sound like a wild dog having a street fight with a conger eel.'

"The lyric echoes some of the themes dealt with on No-Man's Wild Opera – victims of fame and victims of the pursuit of fame. It includes elements of people I've come across on the fringes of the music, literary and art worlds over the last couple of decades."

Abandoned Dancehall Dreams is released on June 23 via InsideOut. Bowness plays the Borderline, London, on July 11 and the Wesley Centre, Maltby, on July 12.


  1. The Warm-Up Man Forever
  2. Smiler At 50
  3. Songs Of Distant Summers
  4. Waterfoot
  5. Dancing For You
  6. Smiler At 52
  7. I Fought Against The South
  8. Beaten By Love
[Premiere: Tim Bowness - The Warm Up Man Forever](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuzHTgev7Hc)